About Us

Why Losinj and Benthos diving center?

What makes us different?

The diversity of the island of Lošinj, neighboring islands, the coast and the seabed offers our guests divers and non-divers a number of opportunities.

Whether you want to join us on a half-day trip or want a full day trip with multiple dives, sightseeing, water sports, swimming break and lunch in some of the most beautiful bays in our archipelago, we will offer you the best option for a complete sea experience of the island of Losinj. on water or under water
First, in our diving center you are primarily a guest, not just a client.

We offer you a quality diving experience with a good time and a relaxed atmosphere. We are proud of the high standards of service and expertise of our staff, the basic features in our work are working with small groups, individual approach and flexibility.

Everything for diving in one place!
Diving courses and diving equipment store. Working with small groups, individual approach and flexibility are the basic features in our work.

How are we equipped?

We have a modern classroom, room with equipment, compressor, toilet, outdoor shower, laundry pool and terrace overlooking the port of Rovenska, where you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while preparing for a dive, and after diving with a refreshing drink, while you drying equipment.

Our guests have at their disposal professional diving equipment Scubapro, and we also offer the sale of the same. We go on all our water adventures with a 7,5 m fast speedboat fully equipped and adapted for divers. The speedboat is equipped with first aid equipment, a bottle and devices for supplying the diver with oxygen and rescue equipment in accordance with Croatian regulations.