Below the sea surface there is another world ...

PSS diving school

All courses in our offer are conducted by the Professional Scuba School (PSS) association, which has been operating for many years in the field of sports and training of divers of all categories. Handbooks with top content in most world languages, an advanced approach to learning and constant updating of rules, educational program and professional staff have contributed to PSS Worldwide today being undeniably known as a school of high quality diving education.
A diving course can be a fun addition to your vacation or you just want to discover new skills if you are adventurous.

Either way, whether you just want to try diving or want to learn to dive and become a certified diver, diving can become your new favorite activity or lifestyle.

What courses do we offer?

Trial dives are intended for those who want to experience diving with a diving suite for the first time.

The introductory courses, Scuba diver and Open Water diver, introduce students to the world of scuba diving.

By gaining experience, ie immersion, you are offered the opportunity to progress through the PSS educational system with specialty courses.
Navigation, deep diving, wreck diving, night diving, nitrox ... are just some of the courses that complement your knowledge and skills to a higher level.

Didactic materials for the course

  • Manual in your language
  • The DVD is used to learn the theory and methodology of performing exercises performed in water
  • Logbook, a booklet in which you will enter your dives
  • PSS diving tables for diving planning.
  • MyPSS app for tablet and smartphone.

How is the course going?

We will first form a group of 2 to max. 4 students, so that they can dedicate themselves individually to each student. Some courses require min. 2 participants, because some exercises are performed in pairs, while for other courses the ratio of instructor - participant is possible, 1: 1.

You will do part of the theory yourself at home, and part of it together in the classroom with multimedia aids. In the initial courses, the practical part takes place in protected waters, ie we go by speedboat to a nearby protected bay and in controlled conditions we start from the basic exercises.

We also offer the possibility of holding a practical part of the course in combination with half-day or full-day speedboat trips in the Lošinj archipelago, visiting neighboring islands, bays, beaches ..., and in the breaks between dives you can enjoy water sports, swimming and the like.

Our goal is clear - to teach you to dive!
That is why we approach each student individually.

Secured diving equipment

Our participants have at their disposal professional diving equipment of the Scubapro brand, from basic equipment to a diving computer!

Most of the equipment is new, properly maintained, and we have it in all sizes and in sufficient numbers.

If you are interested in purchasing personal diving equipment, we also grant you a special discount as part of the course!

Diving with a diving device is easier than you might think.
Give it a try - you’ll love it, because diving is easy, fun and exciting!