Underwater works

Installation of anchor systems and equipment on a turnkey basis

The main activity of the company Benthos doo, in addition to recreational diving, is also performing underwater works.

Professional and responsible approach, technical equipment and many years of experience are a guarantee of quality work done to our current and future clients.

The works we deal with

  • installation and maintenance of anchor systems
  • production of concrete blocks for anchoring vessels and pontoons, and installation of the same lifting devices
  • pontoon installation
  • underwater vessel maintenance
  • lifting sunken vessels and other facilities, and ship equipment
  • we carry out inspections with the production of video and photo documentation
  • setting up and maintaining the so-called psychological dams

Specialized in anchor systems


Through our work so far, we have profiled ourselves for the design and maintenance of anchor systems.

Whether you are a company or a natural person, whether you just need a consultation or a complete solution, from the development of the conceptual design, execution to maintenance, we approach the work responsibly, within the agreed time and guarantee the work performed.
Before each job, we will determine the situation under water in detail at the site of the planned project, and if desired, prepare photo documentation.

Only after the inspection, we present you the possibilities, that is, we make a preliminary design with a detailed specification of material consumption or complete costs, and the deadline.

Did we mention that we give a 1 year warranty on our work?

Anchor equipment

Regular maintenance

As we do most of the work on a turnkey basis, we try to have all the necessary anchor equipment in stock in sufficient quantities, from chains, ropes, shackles, buoys

Profits for our customers are multiple, better prices than retail, fast delivery, and in case of urgency we can react promptly
Our recommendation is that regular check-ups be performed continuously at least once a year. They are mostly of a visual nature, and their goal is to detect possible damage and wear.

However, as part of regular maintenance, we offer our clients the following:
  • inspection of the underwater part of the vessel with the possibility of cleaning the propeller, hull
  • a complete overview of the underwater part of the anchor system
  • replacement of worn or worn out elements such as ropes, chains, shackles
  • minor anchor system corrections
In this way, with minimal costs, you ensure the functionality and safety of the underwater part of the anchor system, and directly the safety of your boat.